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Football Bats Leaving Kyle Field

Image courtesy of wikipedia.org

Image of Mexican free-tailed bat courtesy of wikipedia.org

Aggies love to have visitors at Kyle Field, but a few thousand visitors have over-stayed their welcome.

The idea of football bats might be a joke to some, but Randy Lee, Owner of R.P. Lee Termite and Pest Control, says thousands of bats living at Kyle Field are a legitimate problem.

Lee says colonies of Mexican free-tailed bats have been literally hanging out at the stadium ever since the Zone Club was built.

He says for several months, his team has been working hard to encourage the official flying mammal for the state of Texas to move on to greener pastures.

Lee explains that the stadium lights attract insects and the bats are very beneficial because of the amount of insects they eat, but when the bats over-populate, the risk of rabies goes up, not to mention the smell and uncleanliness from the guano.

He says the team is using special bat netting made in California which allows the bats to safely exit, but not return, and they check it daily.

He says the hardest work, the top level of the stadium, has been completed, but it will probably be about two or three months before all of the bats relocate.

Lee says there are only about one hundred bats left at the stadium.

The Zone Club, one of the bats’ areas of choice, is the only part of the stadium that won’t be affected by the upcoming more than $400 million renovation.

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