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Flu Safety Tips From the Brazos County Health Department

There’s an early increase in flu cases in the Brazos Valley this winter, and although staying healthy through all of the holiday traveling, shopping, and winter weather can be tricky, Julie Anderson with the Brazos County Health Department says there are several ways to fight the flu.

For one, get your flu shot.

Anderson says fewer people got flu shots this year than last year, but the flu season lasts through early summer, so it’s not too late to get one.

She says the holidays and cold weather force people to be out even if they’re ill, so it’s a good idea to immunize yourself through the winter months, or about March and April, although the BCHD does administer flu shots all the way through June.

Second, if you’re sick, stay home from work.

Anderson says everyone has competing demands and projects to take care of, but if you’re not feeling well, staying home is a way to be a good coworker to your friends who are still at work and not sick, or who might go home to someone who is immunocompromised and get them sick.

To stay safe when you’re out and about, she says to maintain a safe distance from other people, especially if they’re sneezing or coughing, because the flu is spread through the respiratory system.

She says frequently washing or sanitizing your hands, using a tissue, and sneezing into the crook of your elbow will also minimize its spread.

Finally, Anderson adds that if you are considered immunocompromised, such as under cancer treatment or on high steroids, it might be wise to wear a respiratory mask if you have to travel close to others who might be sick.

JulieAnderson1228121.mp3Julie Anderson visits with WTAW’s Kat McMullen

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