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New Year’s Safety Tips From College Station Police Department

The New Year is a time to celebrate, but Officer Dennis Bane with the College Station Police Department wants to make sure you celebrate safely, especially if you plan to drink.

If you’re going to a party, Bane stresses that you should always have a designated driver.

He says there’s always someone who doesn’t drink, so let them drive for you.

Also, be wary of salty snacks, which could make you thirsty and likely to drink more, and don’t leave your drink unattended, especially if you’re celebrating in bars or clubs.

On the other hand, if you are throwing the party, Bane says not to let guests mix their own drinks, because the more they drink, the more alcohol they will put in each successive drink.

He adds that hosts shouldn’t push drinks on guests; if they don’t want to drink, don’t make them drink, because they can have a perfectly good time without consuming alcohol.

Even if your own get-together isn’t out of hand, if there’s a noisy party in your neighborhood, he advises that you call the police instead of trying to handle it yourself.

Bane cautions that many times, if you go to the noisy party in order to complain, it escalates things, especially since alcohol is most likely involved.

Besides, Bane adds, your beef might not even be with your neighbor, but with one of his guests instead.

He says that a call to police won’t necessarily result in a ticket, but the police will help get things quieted down.

Bane says he understands that it’s a holiday and people will be partying, but citizens still need to respect the rights of others.

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