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CS Water Mains Flushed Tuesday & Wednesday

For the first time, College Station Utilities is doing a large scale flushing of water lines.

Water Resource Coordinator Jennifer Nations says this begins Tuesday along Wellborn Road from Harvey Mitchell to Graham.

On Wednesday, the 42-inch water main will be flushed along Harvey Mitchell from Wellborn to Texas.

There may be lane closures and traffic control while hydrants are turned on. Both days, the maintenance will start after the morning commute and finish before the drive home.

Nations says it’s the first time College Station is doing what is called unidirectional flushing, something considered to be a proactive method of improving water quality.

JenniferNations102212.mp3Jennifer Nations visits with WTAW’s Bill Oliver.

More information is courtesy of the City of College Station:

Rather than small-scale flushing that generally occurs in response to customer complaints about water quality, this large-scale line flushing — called unidirectional flushing — is a deliberate, proactive method of improving the quality of water that’s delivered to College Station customers.

Around 9 a.m. Tuesday morning, Water Services will open and close carefully selected hydrants and valves. Crews will start flushing the 42-inch diameter lines at a velocity that will cause “scouring” of those lines.

Note: During the actual flushing process, there may be some water in the roadway or at intersections, particularly along Wellborn Road. Also during this process, some customers may experience discolored water, a short-term decrease in water pressure or, in rare cases, loss of water service while the unidirectional flushing is taking place.

Please report any issues you are experiencing to College Station’s 24-hour Utility Dispatch, at 979.764.3638.

Tuesday’s work area: Wellborn Road, from Harvey Mitchell Parkway to Graham Road
Wednesday’s work area: Harvey Mitchell Parkway, from Wellborn Road to Texas Avenue

At a later date, the unidirectional flushing project will continue by targeting College Station’s more distant, smaller distribution lines. Specific details of that work will be announced soon.

About unidirectional flushing: Unidirectional Flushing is a proven technique to improve water quality by removing sediments and stale water, and improving the disinfectant residual and water clarity. Customers will experience long-lasting water quality improvements throughout the water distribution system.

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