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Tom Turbiville Blog Aug. 14, 2011

Had a great vacation week.. reading all about Texas A&M’s “Impending” leap to the SEC, only to return today and see that SEC is not ready to issue an invitation. From those more in the loop than I, it seems that this new does not necesarilly mean that A&M won’t start the 2012-2013 school year as a member of the SEC, but rather that the SEC rightly was not ready to make a quick decision with so much to be sorted out, like if A&M is invited as the 13th member, who will even it out as the 14th member.  From this old guy’s perspective, who is still getting used to not being part of the Southwest Conference, it does all seem to be rushed. Dr. Loftin is right in saying that this whole thing is a lot more complicated than it appears and there’s a lot that much be sorted out before deals can be done.  It can still be done in a month or two months and till take effect in Sept. of 2012. Looking forward to being back on the Informanics in the morning.

Tom Turbiville Blog Aug. 2, 2011

This afternoon at 4 I will represent WTAW and The Eagle in a conference call with comedian Steve Martin. It’s to promote his “Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Band” show that will kickoff the MSC Opas season later this month.

I plan to bring up a concert that I attended some 41 years ago when I was in college. It was a Nitty Gritty Dirt Band concert as the Dirt Band had just release their edition of  “Mr. Bo Jangles” and were quite popular at the time. But I remember their warm-up act. A guy no one had ever heard of came on stage with a fake arrow through his head and playing a banjo. The audience wanted the Dirt Band, not this unknown comic. Well, by the end of his set, young Steve Martin had then rolling in the aisles and screaming for more. Turns out that his connection with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band was no accident. Martin went to High School with Dirt Band member John McCuen, who produced Martin’s recent album “The Crow”.  You will be hearing excerpts from the interview on a future Bravo Brazos Valley and reading about it in ArtsWatch in The Eagle.


Tom Turbiville Blog July 28, 2011

Just an aside that I share with pride. Yesterday would have been my dad’s 97th birthday. Charles F. Turbiville sadly passed away at the young age of 48 in 1963 and although I was just 14 at the time, I still think of him just about everyday and miss him. He died right before the social revolution brought about by the Beatles and free love… 10 months before the Kennedy Assassination. He was a successful automobile dealer in San Antonio and even helped along a then young fledgling Ford dealer in S.A. named Red McCombs. He was a wonderful dad and I’m sorry I didn’t have his wise council during tough times then and after.


Tom Turbivile Blog July 19, 2011

Enjoyed filling in with Scott Clendenen yesterday for a few minutes as he subbed for Chip Howard on Sportstalk. Scott was talking about the Big 12 Media Days coming up and that brought about conversation of the old Southwest Conference Press Tour that I had the honor to help administer for six years (1978-1983) when I was working in media relations with the SWC office.

The SWC Press Tour coincided pretty much with the Big 8 and SEC Tours. We scheduled it so that we visited each of the nine schools after they had as much fall practice time under their belt as possible, so we would start in mid-August and we visited nine schools in 10 days, taking Sunday off either in Dallas or Houston. We would always have to  go to Fayetteville and Lubbock on consecutive days because we would fly to those stops, then fly to either Dallas or Austin or College Station to catch a bus for the rest of the tour to SMU, TCU, Baylor, UT, A&M, UH and Rice.

(Note here: I first met my now 18-year radio co-hort Scott DeLucia in 1978 on the SWC press tour. Scott was then sports director at KCEN in Waco.)

I was honored to strike up lifelong friendships with some legends of Texas Sportswriters and broadcaster during those years. Men like Dave Campbell of Waco, Dan Cook of San Antonio, Jim Trinkle of Ft. Worth, Bob Galt and Mike Jones of Dallas, John Hollis and Jerry Wizig of Houston, Frank Fallon of Waco, and many more names and friends past and present.

Each morning we would travel to our next stop and go straight to the campus where the Sports Information Director would have it all set up to make the head coach and players available for writetrs in a meeting room and for electronic media normally on the stadium field. (It could get mighty hot in mid-August on the those fields and those golden throats would sweat bigtime, as well as their harder working photogs)

After the interviews, we’d go back to the hotel where all the writers would go to their rooms and write their stories. The quicker they wrote, the faster they could get to the hospitality room for some hard-earned refreshment. Meanwhile it was my job to telecopy their stories back to their papers. (Telecopy: that’s what we used to call fax machines and it would take 6 minutes per page to transmit.. No there were no computers or internet or cell phones back then.)

About 6 pm, we would get on the bus and leave for the school’s party which they would host at a favorite local restaurant, places like Tom’s BBQ in College Station, Nick’s in Waco, Joe T. Garcia’s in Ft. Worth, 50 Yard Line in Lubbock.

Then it was back to the hotel and the hospitality room until midnight or later and then back on the bus the the next stop the next morning.

It was a great time of my life and every time I complain about getting old, I remember those times and what I would have missed out on if I wasn’t the age I am.




Tom Turbiville’s Blog July 18, 2011

These dog days of summer are also dog days of sports. The Bombers know how to get publicity.. do there thing when nothing else is going on…. This morning taped A&M preview interview for radio station in Kansas City. Josh and Bob of 610 Sports KCSP asked some good questions about why people are so hyped about Texas A&M. With 63 of 69 of last year’s two deep roster back this year, that was easy to explain. I told them that I thought this would be A&M best team since joining the Big 12 and I’m sticking by that. They mentioned that A&M’s chance to win the Big 12 might be doused if they can’t beat Oklahoma State in third game of season. I agreed it was a big game early.

I mentioned that Jeff Fuller was one of the top receiver in the country and they seemed surprised to hear me say that but I’ll bet the pros are in agreement.

Nothing I hate worse that a blog that’s not up to date, Uh-Hem… Sorry about the delay from last one to this one but until it rains, there’s just nothing worth writing about. So yes I blamed it on the drought. As I type this, it’s 5:07 am Monday morning and I’m hustling to get ready for the Infomaniacs’ Show, so once I get settled in I’ll be back..




Tom Turbiville Blog 3/14/11 Mr. Smith Remembered

I read the article last week about Terry Smith and the comment was made, by John Hoyle I believe, that Terry Smith always had a smile on his face. You know, sometimes that’s said about people and it’s an exaggeration. But Terry really did always have a smile, whenever I saw him. I did not know Terry well but did spend a good deal of time with him several years ago when we were both doing volunteer work for Children’s Miracle Network.  He made sure that his Dairy Queens always were involved with CMN and giving back.  Terry Smith was a giving and a very nice man and Heaven is even brighter now.


Unbelievable that it was just seven years ago that the two A&M basketball teams combined for “one” conference win. Now both teams are going to the NCAA Tournament for a sixth straight year!


I was watching Aggie basketball tonight and at halftime switched over to CNN and saw video unlike I’ve ever witnessed from Japan. It’s indescribable. The human suffering  certainly put the basketball game in perspective. The country that we bombed and regarded as an evil empire 70 years ago is today in our prayers.


Tom Turbiville Blog 3/11/11 MORNING ROUTINE

One thing about a blog is that neither the writer nor the reader needs to write something every day, thus I’ve taken a few days off to re-fuel.

So glad that the Aggie win over Missouri last night was a laugher because it meant I didn’t have to stay up until 11 watching it. That can get rough on we morning jocks who wake at 4 am. At least that’s when the alarm goes off the first time. I arise rarely then, but usually at 4:09, 4:18 or 4:27. Yes you see I have a nine-minute snooze.

Driving to work while the city sleeps is enjoyable as there in no traffic and I can make what at 5 pm would be a 10 minutes drive in about 4 or 5 minutes from my home.

Scott and Chace and I have different methods of show-prep for the Infomaniacs. Chace is usually always at the office by 5 or before and does all his prep at the office. He makes early morning cop-shop calls to check out if everyone has behaved themselves over night.

I normally do my sports prep and script writing at home and then e-mail it all to myself and arrive at the station about 5:45, record two sportscasts for our Navasota Station and three for 1150 the Zone and am ready to start talking when Chace is done with his 6:05 news. Scott normally arrives during the National Anthem at 6 am but has done all his show prep at home and is ready to go with an endless supply of newsy and funny stuff to bounce off the two of us. Scott does such a tremendous job with his interviews with politicos and other city leaders and that shows in his preparation for the interviews.


We have three sports events on the radio today so there’s a little change-up with the Aggie baseball game with FIU. Because of the 8:30 basketball game with Texas tonight, the baseball game will be on 1150 AM The Zone with the pre-game at 6:15. We will also broadcast the A&M women’s game with Oklahoma on the Zone at 2:15 today, preempting the Louie Belina Show. Chip Howard’s Sports Talk will come on right after Mike Wright wraps up the Aggie game. If A&M win today, the Big 12 Championship game will be on the Zone tomorrow morning at 10:45.


Tom Turbiville Blog 3/8/11  NEW CONSOL COACH

Now what’s frustrating is when the only verification of something you can find is on TexAgs, and I would never go with the word of an annonymous poster for a news story. But last night one poster on the BCS page mentioned “Cy Falls HC” and found out he was David Raffield. Could not get a home number for him. So congrats to Larry Bowen of the Eagle for reporting David Raffield as the new Consol coach this morning. My script is below and on our website and will be reported at 6:50 this morning.

A&M Consolidated evidently has a new football coach who will today officially tell his coaches and players at Cy-Falls high school that he’s leaving. The Eagles reports that David Raffield will be recommended to the CSISD Board of Trustees this week to replace Jim Slaughter, who left this month to become the head of athletics at San Angelo Schools.

Raffield has reportedly accepted the job after former Tiger star player Lee Fedora turned it down to stay at Navasota High School.

Raffield has been at Cy Falls for eight seasons and has reached the playoffs five times. They went to the 5A Division II title game in 2006. His eight-year record is 56-39 but was 38-17 from 2004-2007. The Golden Eagles had a 7-3 season last year.

The paper reports that the other coaches interviewed but not selected were Consol defensive coorinator Ray Kavanaugh, former Consol offensive coordinator Steve Huff, Mesquite Horn head coach Rodney Wenn and Tyler John Tyler’s Derek Rush.






Tom Turbiville Blog 3/7/11  New Coaches and the Media

It’s no secret that all the sports media in town get along pretty well even though we are in competition with each other from time-to-time to get the “scoop”. The name of the new head football coach at A&M Consolidated is still unknown or at least unreported as I write this at 10:40 pm Monday night. Darrell Bruffet at KBTX just reported that CSISD Super Dr. Eddie Couslon texted him that an agreement is in place but Dr. C would not divulge the name. Seems that Coach “???????” hasn’t told his players yet so it’s best if they not read it on the internet or hear it from we media first. Robert Cessna hinted to me this afternoon that the Eagle might have the name in the morning paper and if they do, I’ll report in the morning what the Eagle has reported.

We all get our share of scoops. It does bring of interesting memories of high school coaching hires in the past. When Bob Bellard was hired at Bryan High a few years back, I got the word two days in advance that it would be him so I called him in San Angelo where he was coaching at the time and flat asked him if he was going to be named the new Bryan coach. Bob was kinda sorry he’d answered he phone and was a little befuddled at what to say and quite frankly had to fib to me. He said something like “Right now I’m just concentrating on my job here in San Angelo”. I followed with “So there’s nothing to the rumor? He said “Nothing to it.” I said thanks coach and the next day he was named head coach at Bryan. At the press gathering after the school board meeting and went up and introduced myself and he immediately apologized for mis-leading me but said that he had no choice because he had not told him team yet. I understood completely and Bob and I are good friends and have been since he came back home to Bryan.

Take it back 11 years when a reliable source told me that Jim Slughter, the AD in Farmer’s Branch, would be the new Consol coach. I called Jim and asked him to confirm it and he told me something like, “We’ve talked but there’s nothing offered or accepted.” I said thanks and hung up. A few minutes later, Jim called me back. “Tom, I feel bad because I really didn’t tell you the truth. I have accepted the job but you can’t report it yet.” I thanked him for calling me back, sat on it until The Eagle had it in the morning paper two days later and then I went with it too.

Anyway, regardless of who reports it first, I’m figuring we’ll all know tomorrow.


Tom Turbiville Blog 3/5/11  PORT ARANSAS!!

“I know I don’t get there often enough
But God knows I surely try
It’s a magic kind of medicine
That no doctor could prescribe”

Jimmy Buffet “One Particular Harbor”

What better place to blog about my favorite place on earth than at my favorite place. Port Aransas is where I find myself on this Saturday afternoon, having made the quick weekend trip. I could write volumes about this place as it’s been a part of my life since the mid 50’s, when my parents first brought me here to visit relatives who owned a home on the Alister St (which is still the main drag). Today there is a Subway Sandwich shop where their house used to be. Across the street back then was a unique movie theater. You buy your ticket in front, buy your popcorn inside but then continue to the theater which was outside with a tall screen and theater seats under the stars. Today that is now a gift shop.

Port Aransas is on Mustang Island and to get there from the north you must still take a 5-minute ferry ride across Corpus Christi Bay. It’s five miles from Aransas Pass and about 15 miles down the coast from Rockport and about 25 minutes up the coast from Corpus. PA does have  t-shirt shops galore and plenty of condos, but it also still retains the fishing village atmosphere that makes it the second most popular vacation town on the Texas Coast (next to South Padre).  But I’ll take PA over South Padre anytime because it’s not a tourist trap. For a coastal town, the merchants keep their prices reasonable and the only franchise food in PA is a Dairy Queen, a Whatburger, and a Subway… That’s it!!  No McDonalds, no Burger King or Wendy’s, no Taco Bell…. not even a WalMart. The best restaurants are owned and run locally and it makes for great competition for them to survive. Good service and food and reasonable prices are rewarded with good word-of-mouth advertising and thus good customer loyalty. My favorite eateries are beach and Station Street Grill, Hooks,  the Wildhorse and Moby Dick’s and the but you can hardly go wrong anywhere. If the food ain’t great, they won’t stay in business long.

PA is about a 4 1/2 hour drive from College Station, but if you only make bathroom stops, you can make it in 4 hours… that’s to the ferry landing. Once at the ferry, the wait can be anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour depending on when you go. Friday’s during the peak season will mean a long wait. You can get to PA from Corpus Christi via Hwy 361 without riding the ferry, but the extra drive south to get to Corpus takes more gas and generally more time than the ferry wait. I always take the ferry. Waiting is just part of the great anticipation of getting there…. it never ever bothers true PA lovers.

Being the age I am, I generally stay away at Spring break but thank goodness for the economy of the town that the young college folks and young familes do not stay away. It is packed on a generally clean beach. The beach at PA can range from dirty with piles of seaweed to pristine depending on the time of year. When there is seaweed, the city crews do their best to clean it off each morning but nature always keeps it in one line just behind the shore so there is always plenty of clear beach to party under a tent and all you do is walk over the line of seaweed to the

water. It’s really not that bad and don’t let anyone tell you it is.

The other best time to come is for Texas Sandfest where some of the best Sand sculptures in the country gather to build incredible sand art. We’re talking 12-foot high sculptures. Google Texas Sandfest and go to the website to see what I mean.

But the very best month to come to PA, without question, is October. The weather is great (not too hot but still warm enough to swim), school has started so it’s not very crowded, the peak hotel and condo prices are not in effect, and the beach is spotless.

I could go on and on… and I will later…. I’m headed to dinner at Moby Dick’s..

Dinner was great! It’s the first weekend of March and the Island is not particularly crowded because Spring break is coming up so people are waiting. I do notice a lot of out of state license plates still driving around, like from North Dakota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Colorado, Illinois, etc. You see Port Aransas is a very popular destination for what we call “Winter Texans” or some call themselves “Snow Birds”. These are older retired couples who escape the harsh winters of their homes to come live on the Texas Gulf Coast. Most of them arrive anytime after the new year and many stay through March although most leave at the end of February. Many bring their RVs but many stay in Condos. The condo rates are reduced drastically for these long-term guests, (normally they pay about $1400 per month for a 2 or 3 bedroom condo facing the beach) Without the “Winter Texans” and their money, many Port Aransas merchants would not be able to survive between September and March. Many would close down and never open again. So yes, we love “Winter Texans”.

My favorite time of day in PA is the early morning. Many times I will awake before sunrise so I can go to the beach and watch it. The beach at PA faces somewhat Southeast so I can stand on the beach, look a little left and see the most gorgeous sunrise you can imagine. Matter of fact, here’s a photo.


We joke on the morning show about someday I’ll run for mayor of Port Aransas. Believe me, that radio schtick. I want to retire in PA some day but there’s no way I’d ruin my retirement by being mayor of a coastal city. You see besides the normal sometimes nasty local politics that goes with the job, coastal mayors have a unique headache that comes with the job. Dealing with potential hurricanes. It seems that about every 2 or 3 hurricane seasons, one Cat 3 or 4 enters the Gulf and there’s always the potential that one could land right on PA. The might recall that all the prediction were that Ike would come to the Corpus area before it turns north and went to Galveston. PA evacuated as Ike stayed out there a day or two before deciding its destination. Fortunatley, PA has only been greatly damaged by three hurricanes in its history.. One in 1916 pretty much wiped out the town, Carla in 1961 and Cecila in 1970.

Besides dealing with hurricanes, the mayor and city council has to deal with the everyday problems that come with running a town whose economy depends on the upkeep of  4 miles of beach that will please these visitors, plus keeping happy the year-round residents, the non-resident condo owners who pay taxes, and ofcourse the “Winter Texans”. No I promise, I will never run for mayor of Port Aransas. What I would like to do in retirement is create an internet broadcast of PA High School Basketball and call their games over the world wide web, and ride around in a golf cart selling beach parking passes to people.

Speaking of Golf, if you are a golfer, PA three years ago opened a fantastic course called Newport Dunes, designed by Arnold Palmer. The King himself called in one of his favorite courses. He has even purchased a condo nearby to stay in when he comes and for his friends and family to use. It’s a links-stylecourse with three holes running right down the beach. I’ve played a lot of courses in my life and this is one of the very best.

Island Retreat

Finally, there are lots of places to stay in Port Aransas, but may I recommend Island Retreat. It’s one of the few condos that has a porch that faces the beach and has walking access to the beach (about 100 steps across a private bridge). Because it is one of the older condo complexes that face the beach, the prices are the best of those. A 2-BR with a kitchen that sleeps 6 runs from $131 a night in winter, to $173 in Spring and Fall, to $250 a night in the month of July, to $245 during most of March and the rest of the summer. They also have efficiency, 1 BR and 3 BR condos and regular motel-type rooms. Island Retreat has two nice pools, tennis and volleyball and BarBQ areas. The website for Island Retreat is

So I think you’ve seen enough. I hope you can get to Port Aransas soon. You’ll thank me later.


Tom Turbiville Blog 3/4/11     BBV & MARCH MADNESS

Veterans of the Valley on KAMU-TV will feature Bryan City Councilman Mike Southerland this weekend. It’s on at 6:30 pm Saturday and repeats at 5:30 on Sunday. Mike was a chopper pilot in Viet Nam and reveals in the interview that he once was under the command of Col. Downs in Little Rock, yep that’s Bryan Broadcasting GM Ben Downs’ uncle. Yesterday I recorded a show with Bill Adams of Kurten, who was a B-29 mechanic service in Saudi Arabia during the Korean War. He later was an Air Traffic Controller who was one of the 12,000 who was fired by President Reagan in 1981.


Today’s A&M baseball game with Utah starts at 3:30 but so we at WTAW can bring you the 5 o’clock news hours, the game will be heard on 1150 AM the Zone. The game Saturday at 7 with Rice and Sunday at 6 with UH will be back on 1620 WTAW.  Also tomorrow the Aggie basketball teams have a double senior day with the men hosting Tech at 12:45 (WTAW 1620 at 12:15) and the 5th ranked women hosting Nebraska at 7 (KZNE 1150 at 6:45). A combined 9 seniors will play their final games at Reed Arena tomorrow. Be there!!


I was all ready to put St. John’s to make it all the way to the Elite Eight when I fillout by NCAA bracket, but then they went and got beat by unranked Seton Hall last night. The RedStrom look pitiful. They still might be my surprise team.


You know we have a lot of fun on the Infomaniacs talking about my love for the coastal town of Port Aransas. It really is a wonderful town that has kept it’s fishing-village mystique over the years and a wonderful vacation place. So I’m thinking that either tomorrow or Sunday, I’m going to get it all out and write here all about P.A. and my family’s history there and why I love it so much. Afterall, this is a blog for me to write what I want. And I want. Have a great weekend.



Tom Turbiville Blog 3/3/11  TOMMY SADOSKI & KIDS TV

I have a lot of fun writing the ArtsWatch Column each Sunday in the Eagle and for a couple of years I have been following the progress of 1994 A&M Consolidated Grad Tommy Sadoski, who cut his acting teeth at places like The Theatre Company, StageCenter and ‘Magination Station. Well he’s spent the last 3 or so years on Broadway, starring in some roles and was even a 2009 Tony Award Nominee for his leading role in “Reasons To Be Pretty”. Now he’s playing supporting roles along side some major stage and screen stars that you have heard of well. That’s all I’ll give away here. Read my story in Sunday’s Brazos Life in The Eagle.

Having the pleasure of grandkids around, I sometimes am in search of  good, not mindless, somewhat educational TV for them to watch. I know Scott and I plug Suddenlink a lot but seriously, have you noticed that Saturday morning cartoons of non-violence don’t exist anymore except on PBS (KAMU-TV). Well you can also get it with Suddenlink Video On Demand. There’s a genre for kids with dozens and dozens of good kids shows for pre-school to toddler to even pre-teens. Stuff like archives Sesame Street to Litte Einstein amd more. It’s very valuable for me, I’m just saying.


On a Monday night when nothing’s much on TV except watching Texas get beat again,  I enjoyed a website that Scott DeLucia keyed me into a year or so ago. It’s

These are interviews that last an hour or more with almost every TV legend (and a few non legends) They are just the star with one camera and an interviewer who you never see. It’s fascinating watching some of these people talk about their careers. The website is the “Archive of American Television” and includes interviews with hundreds of starts past and present. Watched James Arness and Jack Lemmon last night. Try it you’ll like it I bet.


Talking to a fan of the Infomaniacs the other day —  “Tom I heard from someone that you three guys (Scott, Chase and Tom) are in three different rooms during that show and you don’t see each other. Is that true?”

Yep, it’s true.  We are in three different rooms on the 5th floor of the Crystal Park Plaza Building.  Scott and I are across the hall from each other and Chace is about 10 steps down the hall, across from the Candy 95 studios. The Zone 1150 studio is about 5 steps away and Keith Kane and KAGC Christian Radio is another five steps away.  Chace also does several newscasts on Candy 95 each morning and both of us tape segments for the Zone in the morning and I do two sportscasts for our Navasota Station 1550 AM.  So you see why we need different rooms.

Tom Turbiville Blog 2/28/11   OSCAR GRADE

The morning show has started so real quick.. I went 3-2 on my Oscar picks. Not good but above .500. More later

Tom Turbiville Blog 2/27/11  AG HOOPS, TEX AGS, AND OSCAR PICKS

Stayed up and watch all of Aggie and Baylor just hoping it would get better but in never really did. Bad day for Horns and Ags and # 1 Duke, as they all got beat by unranked teams. UT was going to be a definate final four team in my bracket 3 weeks ago, now they might be a second-round drop-out. Sorry to say that Aggies looked like a second round drop out team last night. Now they go play Kansas. Can’t pick a win in Lawrence but I’m betting that they play better than they did in Waco. Didn’t look like much of an Aggie turnout in Waco last night…. price of gas maybe?  I do believe that people are picking and choosing their long distance trips at more carefully these days. If you figure a trip to Waco and back uses half a tank of gas or more, that could be $25-$30 depending on your wheels. Hope they are filling busses to go see women play UT today. For Texas, this is just like an NCAA game as they could get in with a win over a top 5 team. Texas will play well I promise and I expect no blowouts but a tough game all the way.

Tex-Ags: Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy reading Tex-Ags for the most part, especially the BCS forum and sometimes the sports forum. Since Billy and Gabe and the crew took over, it has a lot more Aggie content than before and these guys are friends and work hard. But, I still can’t understand why they allow nameless people to write such personal hateful things about other people.. coaches.. players.. other schools and their players and coaches. Sometimes I read it and want to take a shower afterwards. One guy yesterday even wrote that A&M baseball fans were racists. I’m not being thin skinned because I’ve been skewered a time or two on TexAgs. Thoughtful disagreement or criticism is one thing, but personal attacks and name-calling from behind an anonymous curtain is inappropriate IMO.

Oscar predictions: For what my opinion is worth, and I have seen most of the nominated films for best picture (6 of the 10 nominated actually). So I would no be a qualified voter but of the 6 I saw, I liked The Fighter and King’s Speech best. I also saw several of the movies where acting is nominated and the only winner I’m certain of is that Christian Bale will win best supporting actor for The Fighter. It’s the most remarkable acting performance I’ve seen in years. So here are my predictions and tonight I’ll grade myself.

Best Supporting Actress: Amy Adams, The Fighter (c0-star Melissa Leo is probably favored)

Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale, The Fighter

Best Actress: Annette Benning, The Kids Are Allright

Best Actor: Colin Firth, King’s Speech

Best Picture: King’s Speech




Tom Turbiville Blog 2-26-11  STARTING THE BLOG

You gotta start sometime and somewhere so why not here on my sofa while grandkids are quietly watching the great children’s programs on KAMU-TV this Saturday morning. So the word is BLOG huh?  Just another new word to add to a vocaubulary I never would have thought would be so plentiful. Think of all the old words that have been given new definitions in the last 20 years…. web, mouse, net, text, dot,  it goes on-and-on.

So today I start blogging, where from time-to-time, I’ll type thoughts of sports, arts, veterans, infomaniacs, the radio biz, wherever I feel like writing that’s appropriate, legal, or just otherwise won’t get me fired.

Why called TurbyTalk? Well that’s not new to my musings. Fact is that for 5 years in Irving, Texas, as sports editor of the Irving Daily News (1973-1978), I penned a twice-a-week column that was titled, yep… TurbyTalk. So now 33 years later, what else could I do but bring it out of mothballs.

SPORTS: Since that’s what been the focus of my working career for 38 years, lets start off with those thoughts. This has probably been the most successful all-around school year in Aggie sports since I started following it closely in 1978 when I went to work for the SWC office. I great November of football despite a disappointing end at the Cotton Bowl. Both basketball teams appear headed for yet another NCAA Tournament (and remember it wasn’t that long ago that NCAA was never even in the A&M basketball discussion). The 5th ranked women’s team will play at Texas tomorrow as there is even Final Four talk about Gary Blair’s team. The men have won 5 in a row and today are going for a 4th straight Big 12 road win at Baylor. The track teams appear headed for the Big 12 Indoor title in Lincoln an the baseball team is going for a 6-0 start this afternoon after beating Gonzaga 1-0 in 11 innings last night. The softball team is playing a killer schedule, having already played two No. 1 teams this year. It’s hard to recall when so many A&M sports teams were ranked in the top 20 of their respective polls. *Congratulation to the Bryan, Consol and Rudder basketball teams that made the playoffs. All their seasons are done now.

ARTS: The lead for tomorrow’s ArtsWatch in the Eagle will focus on The Theatre Company’s current production “Follies”. Randy Wilson has another winner. I’ve been writing the Arts column for the Eagle for nearly two years now and it’s a great outlet from sports and I enjoy the opportunity to return to where it started, newspaper writing.

VETERANS: I have had the opportunity to spotlight local veterans on two local TV media in recent years, Veterans of the Valley on KAMU-TV (Saturdays at 6:30 and Sundays at 5:30), and Voices of Veterans on KBTX (every other Thursday on the Noon News). I recently taped a new show on KAMU with Bryan City Councilman Mike Southerland, a Viet Nam chopper pilot.  Fascinating story.  We even found out that while in the service, he was under the command of WTAW GM Ben Downs’ uncle in Little Rock. On KBTX on March 10th will be a feature with Viet Nam veteran David Marion. Coming up on future KAMU shows will be local veterans Bill Adams, Dick Deiterich, Leroy Balmain, Arthur Betties, and Carl Dimoush.

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