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Seasoned Account Executives Are Your Best Ally

Sam Jones, General Sales Manager

(Poof!)  Imagine you’re a radio Account Executive.  Now, imagine you have the perfect station to reach the target customer for a business.  What could go wrong?  After all, you have a product that’s spot-on for this business.  Weeeellll, you could sell the business too much advertising, too little advertising, set up a commercial schedule that’s doomed to fail,  write an ineffective commercial script, write a great commercial script that’s poorly produced, sell the business :60 second commercials when :30 seconds would suffice, etc. etc. etc.  Inotherwords, you want and need an Account Executive who is a professional at this job.  Just having the right product is simply the first step to ensure that your business employs a successful marketing plan.

Unfortunately, too many radio and tv stations have difficulty maintaining any continuity within their sales force.   If you make the marketing decisions for your business, it can’t be reassuring if you’re having a new person from station WXYZ call on you every two months.

Fortunately, at WTAW and Bryan Broadcasting, our sales team bucks this trend in a BIG way.  Our salesperson who’s been with us the least amount of time has been here for over ten years.  Allow me to repeat that.  Our salesperson who’s been with us the least amount of time has been on our sales team for at least ten years.  In fact, one of our salepeople has been here for thirty four years.  That is almost unheard of in broadcast sales (or any other kind of sales, for that matter).  If you’re already an advertiser with WTAW and Bryan Broadcasting, then you know you have an Account Executive who knows you, knows your business, knows your market, and knows how to best use our stations to get your message to the maximum number of your customers.   If you’re not an advertiser and are considering advertising on WTAW, you should know that your Account Executive knows this market and knows our products forwards, backwards, and how best to maximize their effectiveness for your business.

I said this in an earlier blog, but it bears repeating.  Bryan Broadcasting has the most knowledgable and professional sales team I’ve encountered in my thirty six years in the radio industry.  They’re smart, fun, creative, and genuinely nice people.  When I say that your Account Executive has the best interests of your business at heart, it is far from an exaggeration.  Each salesperson’s goal is to build a lasting business relationship with every client.  Over time, you’ll discover that your Account Executive will become a valuable resource that you can rely on when making any marketing decisions for your business.  If you’d like more information about advertising your business on WTAW, please contact Sam Jones (that’s me) at 979 695-9595 or

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