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Radio Advertising: The Basics (cont.)

Sam Jones, General Sales Manager

How much does a radio commercial cost on WTAW?   Here are some basic rules that apply.  The more control you have over the window of time a commercial airs,  the more the cost per commercial.  For example, you want your commercials to run during the Rush Limbaugh Show.  Rush airs Mon-Fri from 11am-2pm.  These commercials will cost more than if you schedule your commercials Mon-Fri between 6am-7pm.  When you expand the window of time your commercials may air, the price drops.  :30 second commercials are less expensive than :60 second commercials.  The vast majority of  local businesses air :30 second commercials because their message can be delivered comfortably within that period of time.  Here’s a word of warning regarding :60 second commercials.  If you decide to go with :60 second commercials, make certain that they’re extremely well produced.  Maintaining a listener’s attention for :60 seconds can be challenging.  We’ve all heard commercials that seem to go on and on and on and wish they would mercifully end .  Chances are you’re listening to a very mediocre :60 second commercial.  If you can deliver your message in :30 seconds, there’s no reason to consider :60 second commercials.  Having said that, :60 second commercials do have their place and your Account Executive can tell you if they’re what you need in your specific situation.

How much does it cost to produce your commercial?  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  This is one of the big differences between radio and television advertising.  You’ll pay a chunk of change to have a television commercial produced.  In radio, we’re happy to write your commercial and use our production facilities to build your commercial at NO additional charge.  Your only out of pocket expense is for the actual commercials that air.  Your Account Executive will sit down with you, get copy points about your business, and write the commercial script for you.   Before going into the production room, you’ll sign off on the script. We do have a few clients that prefer to write their own commercials and that’s perfectly acceptable.  After everyone’s good with the script, we go into the production room and finish making your commercial.  After that, your A/E will play the commercial for you before it airs and we’re happy to email you an MP3, so you’ll have a copy of the commercial.  At WTAW and Bryan Broadcasting, we’re fortunate to have an extremely talented Production Director who puts the finishing touches on the commercials we produce.  When Brad’s not working for us, he plays guitar and sings in a band.  You want a Production Director who has a finely tuned ear and Brad fits the bill and then some.  We’ll talk more about commercial production on down the road.  In the meantime, if you’d like information about advertising your business on WTAW, please contact Sam Jones @ 979 695-9595 or

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